Published on: September 20, 2008

Each of us start in a Life with an open mind and a hopeful dream. Some how or the other, as we go along the way, we start focusing on something, something that seems so important to us. I don't know what this thing is, neither do i know its importance. But its true that somehow we start to accept the changes that is going around. Slowly and steadily.

Its amazing how people decide what they want to do and how they want to live. We start by learning the basics and go focusing into it for the search of real truth. But somehow it happened opposite for me. In every stage, as I was moving ahead with my education, I started getting more confused. I had more questions than before. Well it happens all the time and to everyone of us. The vision started getting bigger. I started having more subjects as my favourites than before. But normally it doesn't happen this way. Normally we get narrower and narrower in our thought. We keeping branching ourselves and finally end up on the tip of one of the branches. We play a game of choices with ourselves.

The reason, I start writing with a picture is because we first see things and then ask ourselve a quesiton and try to figure out the solution. That happens to be our thought process, observe and then think. One of my friend told me not to think so much otherwise I might turn into a philosopher. Hmm PHILOSPHER. "Someone who thinks."

But I want to say that I am not discussing on the perception of human minds, I am not talking on the question of knowledge and consiousness. I am simply pointing out the facts that puzzles me. I consider myself a child who is confused by the way we live and the way world exists in itself as a whole. Its simple as that. I can't understand it.

Every one has faced this statement - "welcome to the real world." You pass your tenth grade and your relatives will tell you ,"Be careful you are venturing into the real word." But alash, you find out that this isn't, cause your teachers will tell you, "this is a preparation for the real world and the not the real world it self." So now you are totally confused. Years passes by and you are finally in your bachelor and still you are told the same. You pass your bachelor and damn again you are told the same. Seems to be living in an illusion.

So what is this real world anyway? I suspect if it even exists. Aren't we all living in the same world? May be and also may not be. This is where I am starting to think. The world as seen by a child and a world as seen by an adult is completely different. Am I wrong? So.... can a childs vision be of any importance to the world, the world which is in itself relative to each one of us. So I sit wondering what I thought about the world when I was a child, my dreams as it was then and as it is now.

And there is only one thing that is common. Even then and even now, I am still confused. Cannot clearly see the bigger picture. When will this vision of mine will be clear and focused. But this focus is not like the one found in our camera lenes, cause it can only focus at particular distance. I am talking about the focus which is everywhere and all over. Crystal and Clear. May be, it will never be but still I want to ask questions to myself, simple plain question.