Published on: March 17, 2009

Its been more than months since the launch of the TwitIn, and we are already getting excessive hits per day. That's awesome for a start. The tool has been getting a huge response from the twitter users and other web experts. It is a great feeling and we are hoping to bring a better service and innovation through it.

There were many obstacle to be faced, but each difficulties made the application more better and stable. But, like all the tools and software and hell lot of technology out there, there is one thing that you have to understand, that is learning to use it efficiently and productively. If you don't then its useless. So let me explain what buzzom is?

BUZZOM is a word which identifies itself with the buzz on the social media. It is a place where the online social media meet and where a sense is made out of social activities. Lets go on then:

InRev TwitIn Intro :

![]( NKgaXz0I/AAAAAAAAAjM/aVcknhTf5EQ/s400/twitin.jpg)

This is the main panel of InRev TwitIn. Here you, can see the three most important command that will increase your social network from hundred to thousands.

Flush : This removes 50 followers which are not following you.

Grow : This will add 25 people to your following list.

Reciprocate : This will allow you to follow back 50 people who have followed you.

Remember that when you are "following", the tool does not randomly select people, but instead looks at the people who has the most tendency to follow you and his/her proximity with your network. The only reason you want to follow is because you expect him/her to [follow you back]( dont-follow.html), isn't it?

Ok, don't get too excited and run to grow. :) Growth is a steady process and if you try shortcuts you are gone. TwitIn will ease your painstaking work of following each individual and removing them from your list. Have patience. There are certain rules and restriction in twitter which you must understand before you use this tools. This restricts automated program from following too many people at once. And we have followed these rules too, as it controls the flow in media and not overcrowd it.

What is InRev Score?

![]( c-b4uG-I/AAAAAAAAAjU/2QIc4pagqCw/s400/twitcount.jpg)

These are few indicators that the analytics team in InRev has come up with, which scores your behaviour in twitter. Let me explain few.

The Influence score shows how often people are following you, though you may not be following them. Some twitter user like BBC or CNN has a very high influence ratio, you can understand why, because they are really very trusted media which people follow.

The Tweet Efficiency shows the efficiency of your tweets. For example, if you are talking to stones or statues or non-living things, which do not respond, then surely your words are wasted. Similar thing can happen in social media, people might be tweeting a lot but no one may be listening or responding, these help to identify fraud cases and so on.

Scoring Methodology

InRev Twitin Score is a Absolute Score built by using Behavior [Model ]( model.html)Technology. It is not built on relative performance of different Twitter Accounts. It uses business rules for measuring the relevance of the individual parameters subject to few assumptions.

Major highlights of the score:

1. Score is the combination of Influence Ratio, ReTweet Ratio and Tweet Efficiency.

2. Less Tweets is treated as a newbie account.

3. Very high Tweets is taken as fraud action. (other parameters are also taken under consideration.)

4. No Tweet is taken as inactive account.

So that's the end of it. InRev team is innovating with new ways to improve the social media experience. The only way it can be done is by communicating with the users and identifying their needs. So give us your feedback and comments, this will help us improve the tool and make it better.

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