The day I dreamt of becoming someone

Published on: January 2, 2016

Reading a story is like pealing an onion, each chapters reveal new secrets and show their hidden layers. Everyone has their own story to tell, that is mysteriously connected with the stories of millions of other people living or dead in this planet. We think ourselves as an individual with our own identity and conscience, but NO, we are connected beings not with DNA or through our blood lines - but through our stories. Stories are at the heart of our being, and they are our reasons of living. The physical being of us has no meaning, but as a connected being with millions of other stories, we individually play an important role. So here is my story of dreaming.

Story doesn’t begin when we are born, or when we are given a name by the almighty holy priest. It beings when we all hit by our consciences that pushes us to make a decision that transpires our story and defines our character and role in this world. For some it begins early, but for some it begins late. However, it always beings with a clear thought of what you want to become. At that moment of discovery, you find reasons and that alone motivates you to move ahead.

For me, I know exactly when it began and I feel grateful that still remember that moment. It was a lazy afternoon, we were inside a sunny and warm classroom. All of us had our books opened to a new chapter which we were about to read and the teacher was just beginning to start the class. The chapter read - “The life of Leonardo Da Vinci.”

The teacher went us to tell us how Vinci would stare at the sky for long hours observing birds fly and would sketch them. Later he would design a prototype of a flying machine - the blueprint for the aviation industry. This was a story about a man who encompassed passion for life through his arts and inventions. That moment I knew what I wanted to be - I wanted to be like Leonardo Da Vinci.

So I tried being like him, and building my own little experiment to fly. His story introduced me to some new words. So after I reached home I start looking for its meaning they were physics and engineering. It was clear I had to know these stuffs too in order to become him. Little did I know that the world had changed so much since his being. But even then his stories entangled with me giving me a new meaning. And thats how the story begins.

I don’t think anyone in that class was affected as strongly as I was. And till date, I am still affected by Leonardo Da Vinc. The only string of thread that connects my story with his, is the passion for art and inventions. This passion is more towards “doing something” on the contrary to “knowing something”. The story for me was about achieving something in life to leave behind new stories. It was the spark that was fired by desire to achieve something. After that day, every thing that I have done till date ties up to that fine lazy afternoon in the class - dreaming of being some one.