The Color Red

Published on: January 28, 2009

It is understood that each colour signifies something different, be it emotions or mood. But does colour has any information value? Does colour carry any kind of information to it? I have been pondering upon it, and I think it does, or I might say we know that certain colour means certain things. For example, green means environmental friendly, it also means vegetarian or any thing that is calm.

But let me put this thought of mine this way; was these meanings made up by humans or do they naturally speak that way. Red means alert isn't it? And this is the colour that I am trying to understand.

I am going to list certain interpretation, lets see how I go on.

1. Red Blood : It signifies war and all the heinous crime. It also signifies death and all the killing.

2. Red Rose : It signifies love. No other colour could be chosen beside red if you are to purpose a girl. A simple Red Rose will do that.

Isn't it confusing, the same colour seems to speak both the war and peace. But usually it does not confuse us :). We some how know what it means in different conditions. This happens because of its association with other words.

Well be it any thing, I am understanding RED as the colour of information which alerts people. That is why I think all the news channel use it for there themes. Try observing all the news channel and you will see this element in it.

Let me know what you all think of it.