Standing Out

Published on: January 7, 2009

How difficult will it be for you to accept the changes in you? How difficult is it to tell yourself that what you are doing is the wrong way and that you were foolish? Yes, its very very difficult. But are you ready to accept it as a fact and live a life, and start fresh.

Is it justified to do so? To change your view on the belief that, what you initially thought was wrong and that now you are hopefully right. Thing is, its difficult to verify what is right and what is wrong. I mean how do you verify that what you are dong is right? My observations are that people tend to look around themselves and see what others are doing. That way they try to tune their life and be in harmony with others.

Trying to be in pace with others is one key point that contributes to what people think is right and wrong. Your friends, your neighbour, your partners, your colleagues, that is what contributes to your line of thought.

Imagine you alone in this world, what do you think you would do? Get knowledge and be expert or earn money or what do you think you would do. I think you would just wonder and live a life. Just wonder about yourself and live. There would be no aim, no future or career or anything. Just you and your consciousness.

But when you are in a group, you are guided by the need of a group and standing out as an individual in this world is very difficult. You either have to run away and be sage or give up everything and become insane. Sorry for those hard words. But truly, standing as an individual is difficult.

Try once and you will know.