Sound of fear

Published on: March 23, 2015

Dark dungeon

He walked into it

Without a sword

But a dimly lit candle

A drop of water

Echoed from the darkness

Pericing his heart

A sound of fear

Clutching his fist

He walked in silence

Eyes wide open

Ears all sharp

A tiny whirlpool of wind

Underneath from ground

Tickled its way up

he stood petrified

Motionless and super conscious

His bone crackled

Twitching his eyes

But he didn't step back

With candles half burnt

Not a soul encountered

Up he looked

Curious and undeterred

A whiff of fresh air

He could breathe

Hinting him to

The new direction

As the candle lit off

He stumbled down

To notice a beam of

Light far away

With a smile

He walked into it

With nothing

But a passion

- bexdeep