Published on: November 16, 2008

Just a thought. But what really makes you satisfied? I have been thinking on it for a long time. But yesterday, I watched this animated movie called a Family Guy. There is particular portion in the movie which hit me.

The child character in movie some how meets his future him. After spending some time with him, he starts to hate him. He finds out that he really did not become what he had thought himself to be. He starts questioning his future him, "How did you turn SO DUMB?"

Then after while, he finds out the real reason and decides to go back to the past and rectify it.

At that very instance, it really hit me hard and I started to think :

What I wanted to be and how I wanted to be and if the path I was walking going to get me there?

I then went to think about my childhood and thought what if that me, back in child, meet me today. Would he be happy? I smiled a while and thought yes he would be.

So there I tapped on my back and said to myself, may be satisfaction is something you get when you find that you had nothing to regret about.

Yes, no regret. Even if you made a mistake in your life and learnt from it then its great.

There you go. Try figuring out your childhood dream and see if you some how got it. May be just may be this is how you can see if you are in the right track or not.