Rolling Stone Vs Stationary Stone

Published on: November 24, 2008

[![]( GwzZzw4/s400/tao.jpg)]( GwzZzw4/s1600-h/tao.jpg)I am a rolling stone. I roll around round and round in search for answer and in order to satisfy my inner needs, in order to find a way, that is best for me. But, as the old proverb goes, Rolling Stone never gathers any mosses. Yes, it doesn't.

Then I look at all the other who have. I see no reason for it. Then I tell to myself, Rolling stone may not gather any mosses but at the end the rolling stone will be something beyond perfection. It may not gather any mosses but it will transform itself to something else. I believe I will be efficient.

That transformation is what I am searching for and not attachment to anything else. Just a free transformation like energy like everything in this universe. A living organism. Yes, a transformation.