Proximity of Life : Storytelling through Maps

Published on: September 11, 2012

so.. here goes the "Proximity of Life" story told through maps.. i know... maps.. this morning.. somehw.. i got myself glued on maps and i started marking stories on it. frm place i was born to place i went to school..where i got my degrees and it was amazing how each stories took place in close proximity...... its hard to look into the future.. but i am sure.. maps is going to be a next place where we might be spending more of our time.. exploring places and new stories ... so here i am publicly sharing stories which took place at different location in the map.. the idea is the more u explore this map.. the more interesting stories u will stumble upon.. just image.. if we layer each of these storiess.. the map we create would be full of life...

So yupe.. hope u enjoy few stories which i hv share.. feel free to share.. and like :)

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