Please Please Please : Stop Begging...

Published on: November 19, 2008

Now and then I come across some of the proposals written for the sake of development. Asking help and for financial support. Then I find the most cliches sentence :

"Nepal is one of the poorest country in the world"


I am sick and tried of reading pages and pages of justification on how poor Nepal is or we are. So helpless and so bound by the situation, we seek HELP.

Let me tell you a real life situation:

As a child, I have seen beggars begging in the street of New Road. Then I use to think, that these beggars will certainly not beg forever. I thought they might some day come out of it when they have enough savings. But I still see the same beggars today, in the same street begging. What a sad story?

Why? And only WHY? Haven't they have had enough of money to be not begging. Then I might be criticized that, "Hey, Deep... They are begging they don't get enough so they have to beg again. They don't have saving ACCOUNT. Deep be realistic."

EXACTLY. That is my point. Begging doesn't make you rich. It makes you lazy and dependable. A parasite. A social parasite. If you need development, you need to WORK not BEG.

STOP spreading you hands for money. WORK, if you can.