Not all gears have to be round

Published on: October 28, 2010

Team management and collaboration is something that management and project leaders spends their whole time thinking about. The challenges is always about making every one perform to their optimum and at the same time improve the efficiency of the team. There are many thoughts regarding the team collaboration and management.

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But one notion that everyone in the team needs to have equal efficiency and ability to work as a team is an interesting and contradictory one. Because its not always true. In a team every one can put their own effort in their way and help the overall team to move forward. There is no such thing like important entity of the team or important person, every one has their own importance and space in the team work.

Just like a engine, every part has their importance and even failure of the smallest component can result in a disaster. Therefore, the idea that every gears need to be round is in a way illusion. If all were round than it could be beautiful but the reality simply doesn't allow that to happen.

So I stumbled upon this wonderful video on weird gears which demonstrates strongly how a different kinds of shapes of gears can be coordinated to allow efficient running. Remember that the coordination in gears are irrelevant to shape of gears but the coordination of the teeth of the gears. Similarly, team is not about efficiency and ability of the individuals but the coordination of them

Enjoy the video