Leader from a BOX?

Published on: December 6, 2008

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Leaders are not made in Universities or from any kind of training. It is not something that can be made. Leaders are the way they are. They react to the situation and take a lead of their life. They live by their choice and are not affected by the outer criticism.

Now a days, we see so many leadership programs run here and there. My say is, its stupid and unnecessary. By training and programs, where the traits of great leader are imposed into the young mind, we only get a robot that react the way, they are trained to be. They go by rules and follow the dogma of leadership.

Leaders come by breaking the glass in which they have been living. Everyone is given a choice to lead their life, some take it whereas some submit themselves. There is nothing wrong or right in it. Its just a way they are.

But, saying that we can make leader, is a foolish statement. Yes, we need leaders to lead the tribe, but they cannot be chosen or made. They simply either exist or not.

Leaders are not chosen by the people or the tribe, leaders choose themselves and other follow them. That is in my sense a true leadership. Someone elected are just a puppet controlled by others. They are not true leader.