Comic Style Presentation with Space Conscious

Published on: January 18, 2011

There are lots of technique in which comics are being produced and made. The traditional printed comics contains the regular flow of the screen-shots of the story. But once I had seen a video on TED where the comic creator was talking about the concept of spatial in comics and how the internet could revolutionize the comic. I think it will take time for such concept to be widely accepted. As I was going throughnbsp;, it occurred to me that the slide presentation can be used to create a pseudo space where the story can be presented. It will depend upon the the use of arrow keys like Up, Down, Front and Back. But lets see how it goes. The idea is to control the space of the story through the arrow keys. When you press Front, the space will move front and when you click Back, the space will move back. Lets see how it will go.