Bhupi Sherchan

Published on: November 5, 2008

On the dark road of life,
I feel success is
like a lamp lit by the dynamo of a bicycle.
So long as
my legs rise and fall,
pushing the pedals,
the lamp lits the path ahead of me.
But as soon as I tire,
and my feet slows to a halt,
in front of me jumps

darkness barking.

The original poem is written in Nepali.

I rarely read poems and sit, though I sometime write here and there. But when I picked up the collection of Bhupi Sherchan's poems, I was completely taken in by his writings. I could hardly believe what I was reading. I never knew that his poems were so rich and so realistic.

It was not the rhymes nor the rhythm, but by the sear truth of it. I could not stop reading more. The more I read the more I became aware of Bhupi's world and the world it was during his time. Most satirical with himself and the world around him, he has written one of the finest poem's in Nepal's history. I would rather say it was his observation and his understanding of human nature, the society and the life, which is most amazing.

I really don't want to explain the poem, just read it and see how true he is in his observation about success. On my perspective, success is a never ending state, its not the peak where you reach and feel safe. Instead its an on going process and the moment you stop, so does the success.

I would like to know how you all felt about it.