Bail Me.

Published on: November 19, 2008

Crying out in help is obvious when your are in danger,

but, coming out brave is always the better.

The effect of an error,

must not be escaped in fear.

Cause the mistake being made,

must not be gone without being said.

-by Deep Sherchan

With so much being said all over on the world about bailing the companies out from the crisis, and all the company's looking for some help from the government. I say, how intelligent is it? How moral is it?

Looking at the graphs and the trends and everything, we see rise and fall as a part of the nature and something that is not in our control. It is something that happens without our consent. So it happened this time - the giants felt apart to crumble down to the earth. The limit may have been reached. The numbers might have been too high, so it was time, no wonder, for it to fall.

These are some of the philosophical reasoning why the bailing must be stopped. But it happens every time in our society. For example, mistakes made by Celebrities or Bigger bodies being bailed out, now and then, for the sake of social stability. It is a social issue that needs to be considered properly. Not for the sake of the philosophical stability or to maintain the rules but to maintain the society.

For the companies and everyone to grow, we need to understand our limitations and learn from the mistakes. We have had many wars and all kinds of tragedies, that taught us the way of life and the way of unquestionable nature.

Beside most of the reasons for not bailing out, like my friend here have mentioned. I consider that this crisis that has been impinged on us, is a lesson to be learnt and not to be repeated afterwards.

It is an opportunity to start again and build ourselves stronger. For example, if a crack in a building is gone unnoticed, during the process of building then, it will have strong and negative effect in future, causing millions of lives.

The innovations in financial sector is very very new and experimental. How long has it been invented-only few years. So....... Are we ready to risk the whole generation on the findings that have not been tested to their fullest. This crisis shows that there is a tremendous fault in the today's financial system and the way economy is being measured and accounted for.

Lets stop running away and rethink where we went wrong. We are sure to come up with the better solutions. As Winston Churchill had put it :

"This is not the end, but the end of the beginning."